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A Swirl of Truth and Fiction

Lately, I'm trying to lean into what is rather than what I want. I wish I could make that a very active, confident sentence. "I am leaning....AM." But being the obsessor of the absolute truth, that I am, I can't say something that I know to be only partially true. And yet, what is truth? I also firmly believe that in any situation - any moment - there are multiple truths. Like it's one of my mantras that I nerd out on and annoy my children with. That and grammar even though I also make grammar mistakes in my own writing. You will be able to find errors in my writing even though I claim to be a grammar nerd. So fuck it, I will say, I AM leaning into what IS, rather than what I want because that is a goal even if I fail sometimes and cry or get really cranky about things being hard and things being unideal. And also, I do get what I want sometimes, so I'm living into what I want, not just what is. Here's a thought: What is and what I want sometimes aligns. For example, I absolutely lived into whipped cream with bits of peppermint in my coffee this morning. I lived into sleeping until 8:00 this morning, thanks to COVID. I have lived into queerness that has both undone and made me complete. I have lived into building a business that allows me to work partially from home. The partial truth there is that my business isn't built yet, in that I don't yet make a living off of my business. I'm only dreaming of that at this point (like I dream of reading by a fire.) I am living into the truth that building a business involves lots of slow and steady steps. It takes believing that what I offer matters and being passionate about what I offer. Both are true. I could go on for so long about the multiple truths in my life. Annoyingly long. Maybe that's what I love SO MUCH about fiction writing. I get to make up stuff and tell the truth at the exact same time. And here's what even more interesting: what is pulled out of thin air is also pulled out of my experiences when I don't even realize it. And I love talking to other people about their exploration of what exists in the realm of what is and isn't true, and here, folks, is one of the intersections of what is and what I want. One branch of Water Leaf Creative that comes out of both my passions and what I think makes this world a more beautiful and functional place. People living into what is AND what they want. People telling a cool-ass mixture of their own and made-up stories and people writing about stuff that matters. People accepting the layers and blurred lines of truth and fiction in their lives. So what are you living into these days? What stories wake you up at night, the true ones and the ones that aren't true. And the ones that are a swirl of both? Reach out if you would like a coach or editor to help you sort it all out on paper

or reach out if you aren't sure or if you don't and you just want to tell me about it. I'm an empty book shelf waiting for ya, whatever that looks like.

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Kelli Miller
Kelli Miller
Dec 08, 2020

Thank you for reminding me that there are so many truths we are living in each and every day!

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